Disaster Recovery for Servers

SecuriData’s server disaster recovery service provides quick and reliable data protection, disaster recovery and system migration for Windows servers. SecuriData’s disaster recovery service provides total server recovery including bare metal recovery of the Windows operating system, applications such as Exchange and SQL and all your critical business data.

SecuriData’s Disaster Recovery for Servers

SecuriData disaster recovery service provides hardware independent restore (HIR) and bare-metal server migration for:

  • Physical-to-Physical (P2P) server recovery and migration
  • Physical-to-Virtual (P2V) server recovery and migration
  • Virtual-to-Physical (V2P) server recovery and migration
  • Virtual-to-Virtual  (V2V) server recovery and migration

If you business is using VMWare™ or Microsoft™ Virtual Server then look to SecuriData for a fast and reliable disaster recovery and system migration solution.

SecuriData provides the following benefits:

  • Bare metal recovery of Windows servers in minutes
  • Restore or migrate server backup images to and from physical systems and virtual environments
  • Hardware independent restore of server backup images to different servers (P2P)
  • Full support for online backup of applications such as Exchange and SQL
  • Automated full and incremental server image backups
  • Powerful server backup image management to minimize storage capacity and simplify archiving
  • Compression and encryption of backup server images for efficiency and security
  • SecuriData management interface simplifies backup management across your enterprise
  • Recover your Windows servers remotely in near real-time
  • Enhanced data protection – backup server images can be saved to NAS, SAN or any location

Fast and reliable backup and recovery

SecuriData creates an exact backup of your server (operating system, services, applications and data) at any scheduled point in time. Initially a full backup image is taken and then scheduled incremental backups at block level. The block level incremental backups increase your backup efficiency dramatically by only backing up the new or changed blocks rather than the whole files, rationalising your network utilisation as well as significantly reducing your backup window.

If you need to restore data then simply view your backup images and recover the files and folders that you need from any of the previous “point in time” snapshots. SecuriData disk-based NAS appliance enables your chosen point-in-time backup images to be assigned/mounted as a drive letter on the NAS. You can now copy what you need either locally or to any destination on the network.
SecuriData enables you to quickly and reliably restore SQL, SharePoint, and Active Directory databases without additional agents. Simply connect to your chosen point-in-time backup images, select your database and transaction log files, and restore using drag and drop functionality.

Perform remote or bare metal system recovery

SecuriData’s RecoverIT enables rapid bare metal recovery and remote server recovery by simply selecting the server backup image from the disaster recovery image library. This process also enables you to recover servers without the need to physically visit the remote office or datacenter.

Scheduled and automatic server backups

SecuriData includes an intuitive backup scheduler so that point-in-time backups can be taken automatically while you work. Full or incremental backups of your system and data can be scheduled in minutes.

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