Disaster Recovery for SharePoint Server

Businesses today often rely on Microsoft SharePoint for collaboration and file sharing. Should your Sharepoint Server experience any more than a brief outage, this could have a significant impact on staff productivity. Protecting this critical business application with a robust disaster recovery service is essential for any  business looking to safeguard against prolonged downtime in the event of a server failure or SharePoint database corruption.

SecuriData’s Disaster Recovery for SharePoint Server

While many businesses still rely on traditional tape backups to protect your SharePoint server data. Without a reliable SharePoint disaster recovery service in place, they risk not only data loss but significant downtime in the event a server failure or SharePoint database corruption occurs.

If your business is serious about disaster recovery and business continuity, you need to ensure that not only is the SharePoint data protected but that you can recover the entire SharePoint server quickly, without any data loss. SecuriData’s disaster recovery service for SharePoint server does just that and is widely becoming recognised as one of the UK’s leading disaster recovery solutions.

Using SecuriData’s disaster recovery service, you can now recover an entire SharePoint server in a matter of minutes. SecuriDataDR works in the background to protect your SharePoint server environment, replicating the server snapshot image(s) to a local disaster recovery server and then to our corporate data centre facilities in the UK. This enables you to perform either a local recovery of your SharePoint server (Virtualised in the SecuriDataDR server) or a full disaster recovery of your SharePoint server in our secure data centre environment (Cloud-based DR).

The SharePoint disaster recovery service maintains total system, application and data backups both locally and remotely at SecuriData’s UK-based data centre facilities. Replicating data continuously and performing automated verification checks to ensure integrity of all point in time snapshots. Block level incremental data replication with powerful compression and bandwidth throttling ensure that the most efficient use of your network bandwidth.

Why choose SecuiData for SharePoint Disaster Recovery?

SecuriData’s disaster recovery service is a comprehensive “total system” disaster recovery solution for Microsoft SharePoint server. SecuriDataDR ensures your Sharepoint server data is not only protected but recoverable to an operational state in near real-time.

  • Recover SharePoint databases or an entire SharePoint server to any selected point in time
  • Meet stringent SharePoint server disaster recovery time objectives (RTO)
  • Near real-time SharePoint server protection and total server recovery
  • Deploy both physical and virtual environments in your disaster recovery service plan
  • Block level incremental replication, powerful compression and bandwidth throttling
  • Multi-server protection and virtualisation with one SecuriDataDR server creates significant savings
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