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The SecuriDataDR Server is a robust, affordable and “complete” server disaster recovery and online data backup solution. The SecuriDataDR server provides a local server backup and virtual server recovery platform that also replicates all server system data online to our high security UK-based data centre facilities.

Near real-time server Disaster Recovery and Online Backup

SecuriData’s Disaster Recovery Server can be configured to backup multiple Windows servers and their entire volumes or logical drives, taking snapshots at the block level. Initial snapshots are automatically transferred across the network to the SecuriDataDR server, where the images are verified to ensure they are 100% corruption free. Incremental snapshots are then taken every 15 minutes to achieve near real-time server backup and data protection prior to transferring all snapshots online to our high security data centre facilities in the UK.

This hybrid methodology provides the best of both worlds – local server backup images sent to a dedicated DR server for near real-time server recovery and performance plus offsite disaster recovery protection through secure online backup. SecuriDataDR employs intelligent block level “incremental forever” technology to reduce traditional backup storage requirements along with powerful data compression which together significantly reduce the backup window and bandwidth utilisation.

The complete server Disaster Recovery solution

Specifically designed for businesses requiring minimal downtime in the event of a production sever failure, SecuriDataDR server maintains a local copy of the “total system” server data and efficiently transmits the backup snapshots offsite without impacting the performance of production servers, network utilisation or internet bandwidth. Uniquely, SecuriDataDR server takes snapshots of the production server every 15 minutes and transfers only the incremental data to the DR server, enabling multiple intraday recovery points in time for your production server. The online backup service (cloud storage) is also monitored and managed by SecuriData as part of the disaster recovery service.
The SecuriDataDR service includes emergency assistance in the event of a system failure. The SecuriDataDR service is used by small, medium and corporate size businesses for near real-time recovery of mission critical servers including:

  • Backup & Disaster Recovery for Microsoft Exchange Servers
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery Microsoft SQL Servers
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery Windows File Servers
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery Domain Controllers
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery Blackberry Servers
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery Sharepoint Servers

Simple setup, efficient use, near real-time recovery

The SecuriData service is a managed backup and disaster recovery solution for servers. After arriving onsite, the SecuriDataDR server is  configured to protect your production server(s) with monitoring and technical support performed by SecuriData. This approach frees up your internal IT resources from the important but time consuming tasks involved in managing an in-house backup and disaster recovery solution. SecuriDataDR service is not only about protecting your data, it’s about business continuity and limiting your downtime.

SecuriData Disaster Recovery:  Features

  • Powerful “total server” snapshot technology – protects entire system volumes C:, D:, E: etc.
  • Incremental “live” snapshots of Exchange, SQL and file servers (inc. Small Business Server) every 15 minutes
  • Near real-time Disaster Recovery – recover a failed production server into a virtual server in near real-time
  • Continuous high level integrity checking & auto-healing of all server images
  • Scheduled server restore drill – data centre based DR restore validation for every server
  • Local backup & restore – restore data from local DR appliance. (mount a snapshot & instantly restore files, folders & databases)

Online Backup Subsciptions

Each SecuriDataDR server is preconfigured to automatically backup all local server images and incremental data to SecuriData’s high security data centre facilities in the UK. Online Backup storage starts at 50GB (minimum monthly commitment) and thereafter is billed in 10GB blocks that scale up automatically should your data storage requirements increase in future. SecuriData’s powerful compression techniques ensure that your total backup storage requirements are reduced by as much as possible.

Full snapshot 

The full snapshot is the first backup image that occurs on the SecuriDataDR server, which is an “exact” image of the volumes on the selected production server(s). The full snapshot acts as the foundation for all incremental snapshots. When a server recovery is performed, the incremental chain collapses into the full snapshot providing you with a clone image of the production server from the selected point in time. All data (full & incremental snapshots) stored on the SecuriDataDR server is first compressed and encrypted using military grade 256-bit AES encryption.

Continuous incrementals 

SecuriDataDR’s continuous incremental methodology snapshots all changes since the last backup. Where SecuriData’s technology outperforms our competitors is that only one full image backup or initial backup is required. This significantly reduces the time needed to perform server backups as each incremental snapshot typically takes only a few seconds to complete. What makes the SecuriDataDR disaster recovery service unique is the ability to continuously snapshot production servers without any significant resource drain (CPU or RAM) on the target servers(s).

Collapsed Daily Incrementals (CDI)

Collapsed Daily Incrementals are the result of merging multiple intra-daily incremental snapshots into a single file. The Collapsed Daily Incrementals are created at the end of each day when all scheduled intra-daily incrementals snapshots are completed, making available a single recovery point for the end of each day. The Collapsed Daily Incrementals are the foundation for a comprehensive archiving and disaster recovery solution as each week the Collapsed Daily Incrementals are also merged to create a Collapsed Weekly Incremental. Each Collapsed Weekly Incremental is then merged into a Collapsed Monthly Incremental and finally each Collapsed Monthly Incremental is merged into a Collapsed Yearly incremental. In the event a server or data restore from a specific month or year is needed, the SecuriDataDR disaster recovery server consolidates the required incrementals in a chain along with the initial full snapshot to create a server image to the exact point in time selected. This whole process takes only a few minutes to complete.

Data Restore Options

Recovering files, folders and databases is quick and easy. SecuriDataDR enables you to mount any snapshot image as a volume on the SecuriDataDR server or a mapped network drive on your network. The files can then be instantly copied to any destination on the network.

Virtual Disaster Recovery (Physical to Virtual)

SecuriDataDR server is capable of recovering failed production servers into a Virtual “clone” server while maintaining the exact system state prior to the failure. This virtual clone of the production server requires no configuration changes as the virtual server retains the same IP address and application state. Once virtualized, the now “acting production” server will continue the same backup schedule as the production server has prior to the failure, giving you the same level of protection as if you were running the physical production server.

Hardware independent restore – bare metal restore (virtual to physical recovery)

Once new or replacement hardware has arrived, a current image of the temporary virtual server needs to be transferred to the new physical hardware. SecuriDataDR service enables you to perform a reliable bare metal restore to dissimilar hardware.

Monitoring and management

SecuriData monitors and manages the each SecuriDataDR server 24×7 from our Network Operations Center (NOC). If an issue occurs with a server backup process or with the hardware, our NOC is immediately alerted and will take corrective action. Not only do we monitor the entire solution, but we also manage it by performing data restores and virtualisation of servers as and when needed. SecuriData also performs data validations to verify the integrity of all full and incremental snapshots images.

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