Disaster Recovery Service

SecuriData delivers the premier disaster recovery service in the UK , including disaster recovery for servers, disaster recovery for Small Business Server, disaster recovery for Microsoft SQL server and disaster recovery for Microsoft Exchange server.

SecuriData enterprise-class disaster recovery services – for when server downtime is not an option.

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Disaster Recovery Services for UK Businesses

SecuriData’s disaster recovery service offers complete server disaster recovery, Exchange, SQL, SharePoint and BlackBerry server disaster recovery are all supported.

Comprehensive disaster recovery service

SecuriData’s disaster recovery service enables you to protect local as well as geographically dispersed locations hundreds of miles away. SecuriData protects your mission critical application and file servers from catastrophic failure by imaging and then transmitting total server volume information including application data across any distance, every 15 minutes.

Recover everything from data to an entire server to an exact point in time

With SecuriData’s disaster recovery service you can quickly recover data, files, applications and databases from any point in time by selecting the relevant restore point from the snapshot repository. This enables you to restore the individual files/databases without the need to perform a full recovery on the production server.

Performing a full recovery on an application server or fileserver is as simple as selecting the time you wish to roll back to. Within minutes you’ll have created a clone production server running as a Virtual Machine (VM) containing the exact data as it looked at that point in time. If you experience a corruption in Exchange or SQL server, it’s simple and fast to roll back to a consistent point immediately before the corruption.

Reduce backup overhead & eliminate backup windows

SecuriData stores all backup data and server images in a separate location to that of the production server data, known as the DR appliance. This local (LAN based DR server) backup repository can be used for historical reporting and even as a source for tape backups. Offloading these resource intensive processes from your production servers can in turn prevent performance bottlenecks and incomplete data from being backed up. By utilising this LAN based repository (where the data can be archived) for restoration of files and applications, you can now achieve near zero backup windows and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) respectively.

Backup synchronisation and offsite Disaster Recovery

SecuriData’s disaster recovery service includes features that enable synchronisation (scheduled or on-demand) of the local backup repository to any network destination. This feature copies the entire backup library to an alternative (redundant) location for long term archiving and enhanced disaster recovery protection. Archived data including databases can now be restored to the SecuriData appliance whenever needed.

The SecuriData service also includes online backup, enabling you to transmit your server images and data backups offsite to our secure data centre facilities via a secure and encrypted tunnel. All data transferred is verified to protect against any corruption during the transmission. If your offices are affected by fire, flood or theft, you can rest assured that your systems and data is protected.

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For an overview of the SecuriDataDR server please see: SecuriData DR Server – The Overview