Online Backup – Branch Office Networks

Looking for online backup to protect your server’s mission-critical data from dispersed offices or branches around the country?

Now you can back up your data easily, securely and automatically with SecuriData’s online backup for remote office servers and network data.

Online Backup for Remote Servers and Branch Office Data

SecuriData online backup for servers is geared specifically to helping organisations properly back up and protect their entire network (LAN,WAN), offsite and securely to one centralised location.

Online Backup is easy to install and highly scalable.

The online backup software sends the data to be protected to the off-site secure data centre, in a compressed and encrypted format. It also retrieves this data from off-site when you need to restore it. SecuriData’s online backup for servers, networks and dispersed LANs runs on Windows or Linux-based systems.

SecuriData’s online backup client is the only software you need to install at each remote location. Uniquely, this eliminates the cost of installing an “agent” or “client” on every machine you want to protect. It also makes your backup highly scalable. As SecuriData’s online backup service is fully automated and can be centrally administered, the time, expense and resources previously required for branch office tape drives, tapes and staff training is eliminated.

Easy deployment across the enterprise

You can automate client installations across a variety of operating systems and network configurations. The online backup client protects data from most operating environments, such as Windows, Unix, Linux, including “hot” backup of Oracle, Microsoft SQL and Microsoft Exchange server.

Lower data backup and restore costs

You only pay for the aggregate amount of protected data from across your network. There’s no charge for the local online backup client software, no matter how many LANs, laptops or office PCs you’re protecting.

To further reduce costs, duplicate data that appears on networked computers, such as system files and registry settings, is sent only once to the online backup facility.

Your local expenses drop dramatically as you eliminate software license fees, as well as tape technology upgrades and replacements. Plus the hidden costs of recruiting, training and supporting local staff.

Online Backup – faster backup, faster disaster recovery

SecuriData’s online backup service automates and simplifies as much of the data backup process as possible. Online backups can occur as often as you wish. Only new, unique data is backed up, saving bandwidth and storage space costs. You can back up while restoring and restore while backing up.

Security and confidentiality that’s built in

A high level of data security is a key element in our online backup system design. All encryption and decryption takes place at the Client premises.

Your users’ data is encrypted before it leaves any of your remote locations in an online backup operation using one of the standard encryption algorithms: AES 128, AES 192, and AES 256. At SecuriData’s data centre facilities, all data remains in the encrypted and compressed format.

SecuriData is the UK No.1 for online backup

Focused and professional support, robust & fault tolerant data centre systems, multiple storage mirroring, redundant power and multi-path 1GB internet connectivity is why so many businesses choose SecuriData’s online backup for their dispersed office servers and network data.

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