Online Backup – Data Loss Prevention

Online Backup: A key element of any data loss prevention program

Businesses today must recognise the threat and the cost of data loss. Loss of computer data can mean significant loss of business and, in some cases, it can even spell the end of a company if the data loss is severe enough. A prudent business should identify the potential causes of data loss before it occurs and take adequate measures to protect their most valuable assets.

Data Loss: Common Causes

  • Virus attack & hacker activity
  • Hard drive or server failure
  • Data file corruption
  • Electricity power surge
  • Human error/accidental deletion
  • Theft or accidental damage
  • Natural disaster (fire, flood)

Approximately 75% of all data loss occurrences are caused by human error and mechanical failure and 25% due to server damage, viruses and software failure.

How a company responds to a data crisis often shows how they deal with day-to-day business challenges. Typically, the ones that have in place a contingency plan for such an event and can implement it rapidly, are the most successful.

To reduce the need for data recovery situations some basic principles should be followed:

  • Keep servers protected with antivirus and firewall software, auto-update switched on
  • Immediately replace any hard drives if a scan shows up bad sectors
  • Protect all servers with a reliable power surge protector
  • Ensure staff accessing the server have appropriate understanding of the system and the applications in use

While each of the above mentioned steps will help reduce the chance of data loss, none can offer a guarantee that data loss will not occur at some stage. The only solution for the prevention of data loss is the implementation of a business class data backup service.

With SecuriData’s online backup servicedisaster recovery is ensured across your entire business, whether data resides on servers, desktops or laptops. Data is automatically sent off-site every day to our online back up data centre where it is stored securely with 24/7 access in the event that your business experiences any data loss.

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