Online Backup – Efficient Data Backup

Online Backup

Traditional backups of Servers or PCs produce a large amount of network load, even if utilising “incremental backup” technology. SecuriData however, is optimized to minimise bandwidth consumption by use of various patented technologies that minimize the amount of data transferred over the network to SecuriData’s Datacenter facilities.

Online Backup – efficient data backup

SecuriData online backup service uses several components to achieve this network-efficiency, which together provide the means to deliver fast, secure and network efficient backups on a regular basis.

Online Backup – common file technology

Common file technology automatically compares local files that are about to be backed up with other files that have already been backed up to SecuriData’s data centre facilities. If a file has already been stored, then SecuriData’s online backup system will automatically use the copy that already exists online.

Online Backup – delta block differential

SecuriData’s delta block differential technology enables us to backup only the portion of the file that has actually changed. This typically delivers up to a 95% reduction in the amount of data that needs to be transferred.


Data compression further reduces the amount of data that needs to be sent over the network. SecuriData’s strong compression technology can deliver an additional 50% reduction on top of the delta block differential technology.

By combining all four optimizing techniques, SecuriData’s online backup service delivers network efficiencies through bandwidth savings, making us the business solution of choice for online data backups for Servers, PC and Laptops.

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