Online Backup – Fast Data Recovery

If a solicitor’s office, accountancy firm or retail operation has to ask customers to call back the next day because their computers are down, they would  lose revenue, business confidence and industry credibility. Similarly, if a business finds it cannot perform a disaster recovery because the data backups were not done correctly, it also risks substantial and potentially long-term damage to it’s own survival

Online Backup – Fast Data Recovery

Protecting critical business data with secure, automated online backup for fast and reliable data recovery is a vital part of any company’s business continuity plan. It is not uncommon however, to find that many small and medium sized businesses fail to recover business data after a server crash or data disaster such as a virus attack, hard disk crash, fire, flood or theft. Industry analysts estimate that some 35% of businesses that suffer a data disaster of this nature go out of business.

While approx 65% of small and medium sized businesses do perform some form of data backup, it is clear that this is seldom done thoroughly or consistently. Many of these businesses have little or no IT staff to handle data backups, tape rotation and off-site data storage; they perform sporadic server backups and rarely store their tapes off-site.

SecuriData – Online Backup for Windows Servers, Exchange, SQL and Small Business Server

If a business is running Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Small Business Server or Oracle applications, the loss of any of these applications or services would potentially bring the business to a stand still.

It is perhaps surprising then, that many businesses seldom if ever, perform a data recovery exercise to test their disaster recovery “readiness”. Important questions that need to be asked include:

  • Can the most recent critical data be recovered?
  • Where are the backup files and on what tapes?
  • Are the tape backups off-site and if so, how long until they get here?
  • When was the last full database backup performed?
  • How long does it take to recover all the data?

If a business is not executing a disciplined data backup procedure then it is neglecting to put in place a basic business continuity plan.

Larger businesses can afford full-time IT administrators and redundant data backup facilities. Now, small and medium sized businesses can also benefit from enterprise class online data backup services, without the need for staff involvement. Small and medium sized businesses can now ensure that their critical data is protected through using SecuriData’s automated and secure online backup and recovery service.
SecuriData’s online backup service compresses and encrypts critical data before transferring it off-site to high availability data centre facilities, which store and protect the data. In the event of an accidentally deleted file, virus damage, server crash or hard disk meltdown, the data is available 24-7 for instant restore to any machine, any location.

As the value of data increases, businesses need to ensure the integrity, availability and security of their data. SecuriData’s managed online backup service automates the data backup, encryption and off-site storage while maintaining 24-7 data availability for fast restores and minimal business downtime.

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