Online Backup for PCs and Laptops

For most organisations, data backup for laptops and desktop computers is a challenge.
Typically, organisations rely on the PC or Laptop users to regularly back up their own data but research shows that this is seldom done thoroughly or consistently.

SecuriData’s online data backup for laptops and computers has been designed for business users that require robust data protection with reliable and hassle-free data restoration.

Online Backup for Laptops and Computers

Now, with SecuriData’s automated online backup for laptops and computers, there’s a better way to backup all of your company’s remote PC and laptop data. When laptop users go online, their encrypted and compressed data is automatically transmitted to SecuriData’s secure data centre facilities. And if they lose their data, the online backup users themselves can restore it, without assistance from IT staff or the help desk.

SecuriData’s online backup for Computers and Laptops has some unique features

The online backup client is software that is installed on laptops or remote office computers. Its designed to meet the precise needs of laptop and computer users, who require fast, simple and secure online backups and restores.

SecuriData’s Online Backup Service is optimized for cost-effectiveness and performance

The online backup client sends the data to be protected to SecuriData’s data centre via the internet, in an encrypted and compressed format. The online backup client also retrieves this data from our secure data centre when users need to restore it.

SecuriData’s online backup solution for computers and laptops is unique in that you only pay for the amount of data that we protect and store for you online. The online backup client software installed on individual machines is free of charge.

To maintain efficiencies, after completion of the initial online backup, only incremental online backups are performed. This helps maintain the levels of backup data transmitted and stored to a minimum. Uniquely with SecuriData, duplicate files are backed up only once, even if they reside on different PCs or Laptops. Furthermore, network resources are continuously monitored during the online backup and restore processes to prevent data bottlenecks.

SecuriData is easy to use

The best way to ensure that laptop and computer users back up their data regularly is to make it simple to use and make it automatic. That’s exactly what you get with SecuriData’s online backup service.

Using a familiar Windows style interface, users’ critical data is automatically backed up over any internet connection. The real bonus is that it’s equally easy for users’ to restore lost data themselves.

Users can control the level of resources (CPU and bandwidth throttling) that are used by the online backup client, so they can continue to send/receive email and do other work while a backup job takes place.

SecuriData is the UK No.1 for online backup

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