Online Backup for Servers – A Smarter Business Decision

SecuriData’s Online Backup for Servers is designed to ease the burden of protecting server data for small, medium and corporate businesses. Designed to make data backup more reliable, SecuriData’s Online Backup service helps eliminate the costs, human error and potential data loss inherent in manual
backup procedures

Online Backup for Servers, Computers and Laptops

The objective is: your business gets a robust, dependable and secure data backup proceedure with the added advantage of off-site data storage.

With SecuriData’s Online Backup service, you can schedule your backups to occur during off-peak hours. SecuriData Online Backup will then transmit only the new and changed files for that business day. Absolute security is maintained by way of AES encryption and digital certification for each and every file being transmitted. Plus, our online backup datacenter facilities have comprehensive redundancy built-in, including uninterrupted power supplies, backup generators and advanced fire detection and protection systems. Add to this, our Online Backup service’s redundant connectivity and system architecture, you can be confident that your data backup is consistently performed and your business data is secure and protected.

SecuriData’s Online Backup “point-in-time” data restore enables you to easily select the data to be recovered from the available file versions. Most data loss events affect small numbers of files and systems and can be quickly recovered over the Internet. However, in the event of an entire server loss or even a large scale disaster, SecuriData Online Backup can restore your data using our industry leading Local Storage function. SecuriData Online Backup enables businesses to restore their data from a local copy held anywhere on the client’s LAN. This means that data is restored at LAN Speed
( Typically 1GB transfer rate ) which translates to a near immediate disaster recovery even in the most severe data loss scenarios.

When using SecuriData’s Online Backup service, your company’s business data is managed by experts at Securidata’s network operations centre (NOC). Our high level systems are equipped to automatically detect problems at any stage of backup, storage or recovery, SecuriData employs highly advanced data integrity checking proceedures that in the event that data corruption is detected, the system will automatically initiate corrective action and proactively notify the client administrator.

Data loss can translate to significant losses in revenue, lost customers and a severely damaged business reputation, relying on SecuriData’s Online Backup Service for your servers is a smart business decision.