Online Backup for Servers, Laptops and Computer Data

Online Backup for Servers, PCs & Laptops

With today’s increasingly decentralized organizations, the cost of backing up, maintaining availability and recovering both centralised and geographically dispersed data can be prohibitive. Add the huge costs of downtime, the ever growing requirements for regulatory compliance, and the risks of data protection are just too great to ignore. With SecuriData, you can protect your company’s data wherever it may reside. From servers to desktops, head office to remote office, you can now protect your critical data automatically, securely and reliably.

Online Backup – total data protection for businesses

SecuriData is a fully-managed online data backup service for your entire business. Your business critical data from servers, PCs and laptops, located anywhere, is automatically backed up to our secure, high availability off-site data centre facilities. This ensures all of your data is centrally managed, protected, and easily recoverable – be that to the original location or alternative location. Reliable restorability of your data is a crucial element of your business continuity planning. SecuriData furnishes you with the necessary tools that you can rely on to protect your business data, including a unique data restore drill designed to perform automated and secure test restorations of your data, ensuring that your data is corruption free and fit for purpose.

Secure online data backup made easy

SecuriData’s Online Backup streamlines every aspect of business data protection. From running servers on Windows, Linux or Mac, to using applications like Outlook, Exchange, SQL, Oracle, GroupWise, NetWare or DB2, SecuriData has a proven solution. Upon completion of the initial setup, daily backups are performed automatically, processing full incremental daily backups in a fraction of the normal time. Uniquely, SecuriData also performs a continuous validation procedure on all data residing at the data centre facilities to ensure client data integrity remains intact and fully restorable.

Online Backup – reduced downtime for server, data and Disaster Recovery

At the centre of any good business continuity and disaster recovery plan is a robust strategy for rapid server and data recovery. Recovering application operating environments is complex, requires significant human involvement, and often takes days to bring the environment back online – if at all.

SecuriData’s automated solution enables you to rapidly complete a “bare metal” recovery of your server operating system and data up to 80% faster than traditional methods. This offers you the most reliable and cost-effective solution for bringing your business back online in the event of any data loss or disaster scenario.

Online Backup – in-built security & efficiency

SecuriData is specifically designed to protect and rapidly recover your most business-critical applications and data. With SecuriData, you can easily and reliably perform a disaster recovery on your system state, OS/patches, files, configurations and settings. In the event of a complete server failure, you can now recover your complete system within minutes or hours – not days.

SecuriData’s service includes all the necessary software and upgrades, enabling you to cost-effectively manage today’s system and disaster recovery challenges with non-intrusive backups and a rapid, reliable approach to server recovery. Enhanced security features including up to 256-bit data encryption, password protection and client and system side logging ensure absolute security.

Online Backup in combination with local storage = LAN speed restores

For disaster recovery protection (and depending on your recovery time objectives), you can recover your data via your existing network or remotely via the internet or leased line connectivity. SecuriData’s client has the ability to retain locally (on your LAN) all the data required to complete a full restore of the most recent generation of your data at LAN speeds. In the event of a restore being requested, the SecuriData client will retrieve your data from the LAN-based Local Storage, and if not available, triggers the data to be transmitted from our data centre.

Depend on the Online Backup experts

SecuriData is one of the industry’s most trusted providers of online backup and data storage services. We share your expectations for service quality and back our services with the most professional and responsive customer support.