Online Backup for Servers

One of today’s most fundamental IT problems is that users store mission-critical data on their desktop hard drives. Because this information doesn’t reside on your LAN server, it may seldom, if ever, be backed up.

SecuriData’s online backup for servers enables businesses to back up all data, whether it resides on a server, network storage device (NAS) or desktop computer.

Online Backup for Servers and Network Data

Historically, it’s been too expensive or too cumbersome to set up a suitable backup infrastructure. So data that’s crucial to day-to-day operations, as well as legal compliance, goes unprotected.

Now there’s a practical solution. With SecuriData online backup for servers and networks you can protect all the data on every machine on your network. Securely, cost-effectively, automatically and reliably.

Quick and easy to install. Highly Scalable.

The server online backup client application is software that collects the server data you want to protect and sends it to SecuriData’s enterprise class data centre facilities. And, thanks to SecuriData’s unique “single client” architecture, the online backup client is the only software you need to install. This eliminates the time and admin of installing an online backup “client” on every desktop machine you want to protect. You can automate client installations across a variety of operating systems and network configurations.

It’s also a highly scalable solution. You can add as many new servers as you like to the online backup system with no additional cost.

Online Backup for Servers enables centralized control and reporting

It includes all the tools you need to manage your servers’ online data storage. You control the online backup functions and the storage media. You decide which information to store online and which to archive onsite.

SecuriData’s online backup reports assure accountability, verifying that all your online backups occurred as scheduled. The central hub has a complete view of the entire LAN from one interface that’s easily integrated with existing SNMP-based monitoring and notification systems.

Lower backup/restore costs

There’s no charge for the online backup software that runs on your server and collects and restores data. There are no license or seat fees. You only pay for the aggregate amount of protected data from across your LAN, no matter how many desktops you’re protecting.

Data compression, delta blocking, and “common” file elimination techniques reduce data storage requirements to a minimum, further cutting costs.

You can also reduce or eliminate many of the costs associated with tape backup. Tape technology upgrades or replacements. New and replacement tapes. Offsite tape storage. Recruiting, training and supporting staff.

Online Backup for Servers – faster backup, faster recovery

SecuriData’s online backup service for servers automates and simplifies as much of the backup process as possible. Servers backups can occur as often as you wish. Only new, unique data is backed up, saving bandwidth and storage space. You can back up while restoring and restore while backing up.

SecuriData’s online server backup automatically stores critical data (used for day-to-day operations) and important data (legal and regulatory) to disk for fast access and recovery.

Importantly, your IT administrator or your users themselves can quickly restore lost data to any location on the LAN.

Security and confidentiality that’s built in

A high level of data security is a key element in our online backup service. All data is transmitted in an encrypted format. SecuriData also stores your data in encrypted format, from the moment it’s sent by the online backup client, using one of the standard encryption algorithms: AES 128, AES 192, and AES 256bit.

SecuriData is the UK’s premier online data backup service for servers and network computers

SecuriData’s secure and robust platform architecture is second to none – rest assured that our systems are built specifically with data backup & retrieval in mind.

For more information about online backup solutions with SecuriData, call free on 020 3177 1938