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Online Backup

SecuriData – the UK specialist in online backup and recovery for network computing, offers a unique distributed online backup solution that delivers centralised data backup administration of remote site or branch office data, while providing a utility-based pricing model that enables businesses to dramatically reduce costs and increase the efficiency in managing enterprise-wide data backup.

SecuriData’s Online Backup reduces the cost and complexity of branch office backups

SecuriData’s storage-based pricing model eliminates the performance, scalability and high license costs inherent in conventional tape-based backup software and agent-based licenses from Veritas, EMC/Legato, Tivoli and others.

Tape-based backup was designed to protect data residing at a single-sited business premises, and it works well within that limitation; however, today’s multi-site businesses need a data protection solution that eliminates both the technological limitations and the excessive agent-based licensing costs of stretching a single-site backup architecture into a multi-location environment.

Through the adoption of a storage-based licensing model, SecuriData’s Online Backup effectively eliminates the fees and management costs associated with the installation and management of agents, dramatically reducing the cost of business data backup. SecuriData offers online data backup and recovery for geographically dispersed data as a utility service. SecuriData combines this utility service provisioning approach with a disk-based agentless architecture to break through the limitations of traditional data backup technologies. With SecuriData online backup, a business requires only one free software application to be installed on either a Windows or Linux machine at each remote site or branch office. The SecuriData customer pays for the aggregate amount of data being protected across the organisation.

At each remote site a SecuriData-Client sees all the servers, desktops and laptops connected to the LAN and automates the backup of all local data. Prior to transmitting the data to SecuriData’s secure data centre facilities, the SecuriData-Client analyses the data, identifies new and changed file blocks, eliminates duplicate files and further compresses the resultant bytes for maximum network efficiency. The SecuriData-Client then encrypts the data and then sends it over an IP connection, thus consolidating the backup data from all distributed sites. Importantly , all the data from these dispersed sites and branch offices is now available for instant restore to any machine, at any location, 24/7.

SecuriData’s online data backup service for servers, desktop and laptop computers supports a broad range of platforms found in remote locations and branch offices, including Windows, Linux, Unix and Novell. SecuriData online backup service protects Oracle, SQL Server and Microsoft Exchange Server data.

Whether you are looking to backup multiple LANs or a single laptop, SecuriData’s online backup service is available with pricing plans to fit most budgets.

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