Online Backup, Offsite Backup, Choose your Supplier Carefully

The concept of online backup or offsite data backup is not a new. However, until recently it was only within the financial reach of larger organisations; but now it is highly affordable and well worth the cost to even the smallest business. The man hours and cost involved in recovering lost data can be immense, assuming that it can be recovered at all; and can be crippling to a company of any size. Online backup is an insurance no company can afford to overlook.

Online Backup, Offsite Backup, Choose your Supplier Carefully

Getting your data to the online backup company is simple and once set up is fully automated; so your data is backed up as it is created. This dispenses with having to rely on tapes and discs and also having to rely on members of staff to perform regular backups. It also frees up valuable IT staff.

Unfortunately, with the recent upsurge and interest in online backup (remote data backup); “online backup companies” with entry level software and little experience have recently appeared on the market and the question is, can you trust them with your all important data? Healthy competition can be good for the consumer; but not when it comes to cutting corners and the possibility that your data will not be secure. In today’s highly competitive business world, the last thing you want is for your business critical data to go unprotected.

The basic concept of online backup is an excellent one; and enables companies of every size to have their business critical data automatically saved and securely stored for a reasonable cost. However, it is critical to select the right online backup company in the first place.

Businesses today may be running servers on Windows, Linux or Mac; and using applications such as Outlook, Exchange, SQL, Oracle, GroupWise, NetWare or DB2. However, a good online backup company will always be reacting when it comes to changing products and changing needs. So it is also vital to ensure that the company you use to store your all important data; are continually developing their products for the benefit of your future needs.

One of the most important elements of any online data backup system is the security; and a good company will make sure that your data is fully encrypted before it is transmitted and remains that way whilst in storage. This also ensures that your company is the only one who will have access to the contents of the data; and not even the online backup company will be able to view the details in it.

Another crucial factor is the environment where your online backup data is stored. Are the hardware devices in the UK?  For the security and safe keeping of you data, your online backup company needs to be located in a carrier grade datacenter with the highest levels of security and safety measures in place.

The efficiency of the company is also important and their ability to guide and help you with the all important installation; and in the event of you having a system problem, to be able to sort out the crucial restoration of your data.

SecuriData International is the UK’s premier online backup service for business. SecuriData protects client’s data, maintaining two full copies of all critical data, off-site at carrier-grade datacenter facilities in the UK.

SecuriData is one of the industries most trusted providers of online backup and disaster recovery services.