Online Backup Service

SecuriData delivers the premier online backup service in the UK , including online backup for servers, computers, laptops and distributed branch office networks. Online Backup for Microsoft Small Business Server, Microsoft SQL and Microsoft Exchange servers are all fully supported.

SecuriData online backup is for businesses where data loss is not an option.

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Online Data Backup Service

Since 2005 SecuriData has been specialising in the supply and support of online data backup services to businesses across the UK.

Whether you are looking at online backup for servers, network attached storage (NAS) or geographically distributed offices, SecuriData is a reliable enterprise-class service you can rely on.

Key strengths of our online backup service:

  • Enterprise-class online backup service
  • Professional & responsive customer service
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Best price and highest quality online backup service in the UK

Online Backup Service

SecuriData Online Backup is a fully automated online backup service for server, computer and laptop users. SecuriData offers a secure and reliable way to back up your business critical data without the hassle, time and cost associated with traditional tape backup methods.

SecuriData is one of the leading online backup service providers in the UK, protecting business critical data on our high availability, enterprise class datacenter infrastructure. SecuriData’s online backup service encrypts the data before it leaves your server, and it stays encrypted in flight and at rest in our high security data centre facilities. Your data will only be decrypted when it arrives back on your servers after a restore has been performed, thus ensuring the highest levels of security throughout the data backup and restore cycle.

Online Backup features and functions:

  • Data marked for online backup is encrypted and backed up via the Internet to SecuriData’s high availability data centre facilities. 256-bit encryption protects data both in transit and at the data centre
  • Online backups are automated: incremental daily backup, scheduled for unattended operation
  • Data restoration is available 24/7 for recovery of any previously backed up files or entire servers
  • Validation of your data images: scheduled monthly restore drills to ensure 100% data restorability
  • Industry leading fault tolerant data centre infrastructure and data mirroring
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