Online Backup – The Overview

This article is designed to give a general/technical overview of the online backup system functionality and the main features of SecuriData’s online backup service.

Online Backup Overview

The loss of your critical business data or information can be disastrous. Historically, data backups on dispersed networks, servers, desktop computers and laptops presented significant technical and logistical challenges. SecuriData Online Backup and Restore enables your business to back up securely, automatically and reliably by sending your critical data backups offsite to our enterprise class data centre facilities.

Quite simply, the computers that businesses depend on are all susceptible to a wide variety of potential data loss problems, such as  lost data, virus attacks, systems or application failures, file corruption, hard drive crashes, human error and more.

Remarkably, every PC and server experiences one or more of these issues at some point during its usable life, causing both the business and staff to feel the effects.

That is precisely where SecuriData’s Online Backup Service comes in:

These types of issues are efficiently and easily resolved once a business recognises that PC problems and consequent data losses are both predictable and certain. The solution is to deploy an enterprise-wide online data backup system that eliminates these problems with a single proven technology. Thus ensuring that all dispersed networks, servers, desktops and laptops have their data backups properly protected and available for restore 24 hours a day, to any machine, any location.

Some key benefits of SecuriData online backup service:

  • Cost reduction compared with upgrading, maintaining and installing new tape-based hardware
  • Efficiency gains through maximizing staff productivity and up-time
  • Significant efficiency gains in streamlining valuable IT staff duties and IT help desk activities
  • Business and legal compliance through safeguarding of your business data
  • Business continuity through the protection and instant 24/7 availability of operational data
  • Significant savings through elimination of backup training/support for local staff at each office
  • Scalability: protects desktops, laptops, servers, networks and geographically dispersed LANs
  • Flexibility: Windows, Linux or Solaris. Supported applications include: Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Small Business Server, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Office, Oracle and Sun Star Office
  • Security: advanced security algorithms ensure industry leading security at all times

Much more than just another online backup service, SecuriData offers a complete and robust online and remote backup system that even provides data backup “self-healing”.  This is a process that involves regular testing of a backup and restoration chain to ensure that data restores are 100% available. Should SecuriData system detect a corrupted or unusable link in this backup chain it will automatically queue a request for the client to resend that particular file or delta again. This is done the next time the client connects with the SecuriData system and in the majority of cases it fixes the problem without any manual intervention from the client. (Please note that at no time does SecuriData system attempt to contact the client. Communication is always instigated by the client.)

SecuriData offers businesses of any size the very best technology available. Deploying a single proven architecture ensures that all your system information, applications, settings, and data are regularly backed up, automatically and efficiently, over any IP network, ready for any disaster recovery scenario.

In less than 60 seconds, users themselves can begin to recover or heal lost or damaged data files. Users experiencing a total data loss such as a hard disk crash can “clone” their exact machine (including all data, registry settings, user profiles etc.)

Some key features of SecuriData online backup service:

  • Automated and scheduled data backup solution that includes all hardware, software, network facilities, data centre facilities and premier support necessary to deploy and maintain your service
  • Centralised, secure and redundant storage of all critical data over IP
  • User-friendly restoration of damaged or lost files
  • Unique self-healing function monitors client data, replacing corrupted files with validated data files
  • Automated notifications for incomplete data backup or those detailing any errors during a particular backup set
  • “Bare Metal Restore” feature allows users to effectively clone an entire Server, PC or Laptop. Protects against total hard drive crash or theft and even enables hassle free migration of user “specific settings” and data on to a new machine

SecuriData online backup delivers automated, reliable and secure online data backup facilities for system healing and rapid data recovery.

  • Delta block differential technology sends only the changed portions of a file rather than the whole file, effectively reducing the transmission time to seconds/minutes rather than hours
  • SecuriData’s agentless architecture enables administrators to install any numbers of client software agents free of charge, no matter how many machines you are protecting. Installation is simple – the software was designed to work independently of other client software applications, making it extremely stable and non-conflicting
  • Completely scheduled and automated online backups can be performed every time an internet connection is detected. No more end-user intervention or responsibility required. Backups can run in the background and in parallel with users normal activities
  • “Point-in-Time” rollback allows users to restore systems, configurations or files to a point in the past when they worked properly e.g. rollback to a pre-virus state
  • Online Backup and data restore is available 24 x 7. Allows access to data recovery outside IT support desk hours
  • Network efficiency – SecuriData’s common file technology dramatically increases the efficiency of any online backup operation and reduces network load by storing only one version of any common files (e.g. software applications, documents, operating systems and data files)
  • Powerful data compression technology further reduces the amount of data that needs to be transmitted. SecuriData’s compression process can deliver an additional 50% reduction on top of the delta block differential technology

SecuriData online backup: step by step process

When the service becomes active due to manual or scheduled process, all PCs and servers perform the following sequence of operations:

1. Scan the hard disks to identify the files to be protected

2. Common file technology is applied for duplicate file elimination

3. Delta block differential technology reduces the amount of data that needs to be sent to our secure online data centre(s)

4. Powerful compression technology is then applied to the delta block data, further reducing the bandwidth and transmission time

5. Industry leading encryption ensures that all data is secure at all times.

6. The SecuriData client connects and sends the data to our secure data centre(s) over the Internet via
broadband connection.

SecuriData: enterprise class architecture

SecuriData’s systems were designed specifically with online data backup and restore in mind. Unlike many, we are 100% focused towards online backup services and our investment underlines this commitment to excellence.


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