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Online Backup and Disaster Recovery in Financial Services

Nowhere is the backup and recovery of critical data more important than in the financial services industry. Banks, insurance companies, accountancy firms, hedge funds and others depend on reliable access to crucial data to make decisions effectively.

Financial services is a risk-averse industry. Critical data is typically stored on servers running industry-specific management software. For financial organisations, the speed at which backed up data can be restored to an operational state can dictate whether the business survives a data loss event.

Online Backup or Disaster Recovery?

SecuriData has developed two core services that are ideally suited to both protecting critical financial data and fully recovering entire servers in the event of a hardware failure.

  1. Online backup allows for a full restore of any selected files, folders and databases.
  • SecuriData’s online backup makes it easy for internal IT teams to protect the business from data loss much more effectively. IT staff can begin restoring files or databases immediately, safe in the knowledge that all backup files have been automatically tested against corruption by SecuriData’s industry leading online backup system.
  1. Disaster recovery service enables a full recovery of the production server with all operating system files, applications and data in a matter of minutes.
  • SecuriData’s disaster recovery service enables businesses to recover quickly from total server failure. The SecuriData DR server (residing on premise) will temporarily bring up a working “clone” of the failed production server so that your practice can continue to function as normal until new hardware is delivered.
  • At this point the “clone” production server can be migrated to the new hardware at a convenient time for the practice. Total server recovery can be to any previously selected point in time to allow a server roll-back to a point prior to a server data corruption or similar event.

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