The Benefits of Online Backup

This article is designed to give both a general and technical overview of the online backup system functionality and the main features of SecuriData’s online backup service.

Online Backup – the benefits

SecuriData’s online backup technology is the result of many years development in corporate backup solutions.
No other online backup service can match SecuriData’s controls and features, because they’re designed to deliver a secure, reliable and cost effective data protection solution.

SecuriData’s online backup enables fast and efficient data recovery: Restore your critical data quickly to any machine or any location.

SecuriData online backup offers simple, fast installation: SecuriData’s unique technology means only one free software application on any network is needed at each site. Fast and efficient set-up for server online backup and any other computers on the network.

SecuriData means lower costs: SecuriData’s unlimited seat licensing means you pay only for the total amount of protected data from across your business or organisation – no matter how many machines you’re protecting.

Your costs drop dramatically as you eliminate:

  • Software license fees
  • Tape technology upgrades and replacements
  • New and replacement tapes
  • Offsite transportation and storage for tapes
  • Training and support for local staff at each office or branch

SecuriData Online Backup offers scalability: Protects laptops and single machines, servers and machines on a single LAN, or hundreds of sites or dispersed office machines and LANs across virtually any type of IP network.

SecuriData Online Backup has security built in: Advanced security and authentication algorithms, including AES encryption, ensure the safety and confidentiality of your data at all times.

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